Ultimate Tansformation: Straight to Curly Hair Revamping



Today, we’re thrilled to showcase the stunning before-and-after transformation our of client whose hair transformed from straight to curly.

Before: Sleek and Straight

Straight hair has its elegance and sophistication. It’s often synonymous with simplicity and a timeless, polished look. Our client came in with lustrous, straight locks, each with their unique stories and style preferences.

After: Stunning Curls

With the expertise of our talented stylists, the transformation began. We believe that curls add a touch of vibrancy and
personality to any look. From loose waves to tight ringlets, she experienced a range of curly styles that suited their individual
tastes. Whether you’re seeking a temporary change for a special occasion or a long-term curly revamp, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at LeBlan Salon & Spa to discover the styling options for your hair.

Look: Partial Lenghth

Length: 18 inch

Color: Cocoa Twist and Poppy Seed

Method: Tape in

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